martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

imagen del día: strong it

Esta es una pieza del joven artista contemporáneo Ian Francis (1979), ilustrador noreamericano interesado por el caos pictórico; su estilo galopa entre la abstracción y la figuración más detallada creando así piezas de gran poder visual las cuales nos van revelando sus secretos lentamente entre más las miramos.

Ian describe así su proceso creativo:

"I spend a lot of time watching TV/films, reading books and looking around the internet... I save loads of photos I find interesting from all kinds of different places. I then flick through them, and try to think about how ideas link together, and mock up roughs in photoshop. I like combining different elements of photos of people with abstract sections of old paintings I've done. Once I've got an idea of what I want to do, I try and figure out how to paint it... sometimes the final piece looks a lot like the rough, sometimes it changes drastically while I'm painting it. When I'm painting, I just switch back and forth between paint, drawing, collage or anything lying around."


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